World War Z - Official Trailer (HD)

published 09/11/2012  by joblomovienetwork  YouTube
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    World War Z | Before Midnight | Spike Island | Fire In The Night | Like Someone In Love | Snitch | I Am Nasrine | The Seasoning House | Shun Li and The Poet | Black Rock | I Am Breathing | A Haunted House World War Z (15) (Marc Forster, 2013, US/Mal) Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale. 116 mins In the end, the much-reported delays, reshoots and overspend have at least resulted in a...

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    A couple of years back, when I lived in Glasgow, I thought about applying to an ad in the local paper recruiting people of African, Mexican or Asian origin to feature in Brad Pitts movie World War Z . I was certain I would get a place as an extra, but I had my serious head on and hesitated as I was applying for a stable income and nervous that a job interview would coincide with the filming, and...

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