What I Got For Christmas!

published 02/01/2013  by Tanya Burr  YouTube
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    Benedict Cumberbatch is way to busy being a dragon and a Marvel superhero and whatnot to bother with season four of "Sherlock" for a while, except maybe once, and only for Christmas, and only if he gets to be on the big screen. The post Good News/Bad News: Sherlock Is Coming Back! But Not ’til 2017 or Thereabouts appeared first on Happy Nice Time People .

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    The former head of Sony Online Entertainment launched a Twitter rant against Lizard Squad hacker Julius “zeekill” Kivimaki who has been convicted of 50,700 charges related to computer crimes. John Smedley, who is now chief executive of Daybreak Game Company, issued a threat to the seventeen year old, alleging that it he phoned in a fake bomb threat which resulted in the grounding of a plane...

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    Daybreak Game Company CEO John Smedley has lashed out at a hacker after the Lizard Squad member was convicted on 50,700 hacking chargers. Though Kivimaki will not be going to prison , Smedley celebrated the verdict on Twitter, claiming it was the Lizard Squard member who brought his plane down in August last year after issuing a bomb threat. The hacker will not be facing any jail time at present,...

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