What I Got For Christmas!

published 02/01/2013  by Tanya Burr  YouTube
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    An important part of Christmas for me since I've become a blogger is to publish my friend Frank's poem that he shared with me many years ago. I've shared it each year with my readers, and -- God willing -- I will do it again next year, and the next and the next. THE BIRDS IT WASN'T THAT HE DIDN'T LIKE CHRISTMAS HE ENJOYED THE HOLIDAY FUN ALL THE BRIGHT COLORS AND SUDDEN GOOD WILL AND THE...

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    That’ll show the patriarchy. A topless feminist activist let it [...]

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    On the 12th day of DIY Christmas, it is getting down to the wire ... but it's still not too late to make some coupons for favors redeemable at a later date.

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