Twin Cook Off

published 25/11/2012  by JacksGap  YouTube
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    It is single-digit days like Monday when many folks in the Twin Cities are grateful to live and work in downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul. You can chalk it up to the Twin Cities' famed skyway system -- the envy of most cold climate cities.


    Kristi and Justin Nelson tragically lost one of their sons, who was born stillborn 2 months ago, when Kristi gave birth 15 weeks early. However, that is not the whole story and there certainly is a bit of happiness to the family appearing in the news. As Daily News reports, while baby Colt had died, […]

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    The Twins first baseman gives his take on the viral sensation. Hi, I'm Joe Mauer, catch--heh, first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. Even I still goof it up sometimes. Anywho, Jesse and the guys and gals at Twinkie Town wanted me to take a peek at Too Many Cooks, the wacky YouTube video. Here's my review: What the heck. It starts off like some of the real good TGIF ABC shows that Mom let me watch...

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