Twin Cook Off

published 25/11/2012  by JacksGap  YouTube
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    Kristi and Justin Nelson tragically lost one of their sons, who was born stillborn 2 months ago, when Kristi gave birth 15 weeks early. However, that is not the whole story and there certainly is a bit of happiness to the family appearing in the news. As Daily News reports, while baby Colt had died, […]

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    The Twins first baseman gives his take on the viral sensation. Hi, I'm Joe Mauer, catch--heh, first baseman for the Minnesota Twins. Even I still goof it up sometimes. Anywho, Jesse and the guys and gals at Twinkie Town wanted me to take a peek at Too Many Cooks, the wacky YouTube video. Here's my review: What the heck. It starts off like some of the real good TGIF ABC shows that Mom let me watch...

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    CHICAGO (AP) — A small twin-engine cargo plane crashed into a home on Chicago's southwest side Tuesday, killing the pilot but sparing a couple who were asleep just inches away. The Aero Commander 500-B slammed nose-down into the front of the home around 2:40 a.m., punching through the ground floor into the basement and leaving about a third of the aircraft, including the tail, sticking straight...

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