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    Looking for a good bargain? Check out the Attic Treasure Sale held by Temple B’nai Israel Hadassah.

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    As they break back the plaster to gain entrance to the secret attic room of the Miami Lake house, the cops have no idea what they’re going to find inside. In fact, they couldn’t possibly have imagined that they were about to stumble upon the discovery of a lifetime – until they stepped over the ... The post Cops Discovered A Secret Room In This Guy’s Attic, And What They Found Inside Is Insane...

  • Gold Flake Paint

    Attic Abasement Guarantee Jesus ~ by tom johnson Opening tracks are a thoroughly important aspect to a record, often acting as the first meeting and setting the pace and tone for everything that follows. ‘Guarantee Jesus‘ sits as one of 2016’s most rewarding inceptions, a fiery, slightly off-kilter introduction to Attic Abasement’s most rewarding full-lengths, […] The post Video: Attic Abasement...

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