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  • Gothamist

    The Plaza Hotel's "attic penthouse" just dropped about $10 million in price, but what does that even mean when you are dealing with a number around $50 million? After the double-digit-million mark isn't it just infinity money? Anyway, if you are bathing in obscene amounts of cash and want to live on the tippy top floor of an iconic Manhattan hotel, then keep reading. And then take a good long...

  • Clusterstock

    Oh, The Plaza Hotel's attic penthouse, we meet again. The huge apartment at the top of one of the most famous hotels is again on the market — this time carrying a price tag of nearly $50 million. That's less than what the apartment was listed for in 2013 ($59 million), but a whole lot more than it was when it was purchased just a year prior to that ($26 million). In 2008, Russian billionaire...


    It's the secret that was hidden in a crawlspace on Staten Island for years.

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