STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - First Look Featurette - English

published 18/02/2013  by paramountintl  YouTube
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    There's a new Star Trek series on the way, but the franchise still takes a backseat to Star Wars. Here's why. The post Star Trek: The lesser of the two stars appeared first on .

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    CBS have announced a new, official Star Trek project for television! Is it a big-budget, flagship show with a lot of money and marketing behind it, led by a talented and in-demand creative team, thus befitting the venerable franchise on the anniversary of its first half-century? Er, not exactly. The new Star Trek project will debut in January 2017 and will apparently consist of an opening episode...

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    CBS is bringing back Star Trek, but the new series will boldly go where no previous iteration of the show has gone before: on a digital platform. In a first for CBS, the network announced this morning that a new Star Trek series will premiere in 2017 on the broadcast network before moving exclusively to subscription-on-demand service, CBS All Access. This will be the first series that CBS is...

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