STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS - First Look Featurette - English

published 18/02/2013  by paramountintl  YouTube
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    The crew of the starship Enterprise always hopes to go where no one has gone before. For the third movie, that might be “Beyond.” The third film in the recently rebooted Star Trek series, now has a likely title. After Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek 3 is likely to be called […] The post ‘Star Trek 3′ Likely Titled ‘Star Trek Beyond’ appeared first on /Film .

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    Could the next Star Trek film be called Star Trek Beyond? If you're one of those still trouble by the lack of a colon in the title Star Trek Into Darkness , then beware: you may well be having slightly similar feelings here! For the first rumoured title for 2016's Star Trek movie has come to light, courtesy of the fine folks over at TrekMovie. And they reckon they've uncovered that the new film...

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