My University Room

published 02/12/2012  by JacksGap  YouTube
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    ( FRANKFURT, GERMANY - The Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which will be hosted by Germany for the first time, will leave its mark, namely the first 'Green Reading Room' at a German university. 'The Green Reading Room sends out a clear message to young people,' said Hans-Joachim Fuchtel,...

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    The University of Montevallo has broken ground on its new communications building named after J.P. Strong, CEO of Strong Automotive, and his father, Mike. The Strongs donated $250,000 to Montevallo for the school to construct an expansion project for its Department of Communications. The expansion and renovation will include a new master control room, high-definition audio, video production and...

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    LANCASTER > > The defense and prosecution rested their cases on Friday afternoon for a murder trial in which a Kennett Square man is accused of beating and strangling his girlfriend to death in her dorm room at Millersville University. A retired forensic pathologist, Dr. C. Peter Speth testified on behalf of the defense, arguing that the woman died from asphyxiation, which was caused by the...

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