Mail With Marcus

published 11/11/2012  by PointlessBlog  YouTube
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    SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Someone call the engraver. He has 13 letters to add to the Heisman Trophy. Tonight wasn ’t so much a Pac -12 title game as it was a coronation for Marcus Mariota . The 2014 Heisman Trophy is his. The Heisman Trophy announcement won't come until Dec. 13, but they may as well mail the hardware to Eugene and save everyone a trip to New York. Mariota is a stone-cold lock to take...

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    Cameron: We are absolutely blown away by the sheer number of Christmas cards we have received this year. Sam: Speak for yourself. I'm too big to be blown away. I think you mean amazed by the sheer number. Cyndi: However you put it, we really are. We signed up for the Cat Blogosphere and Blogville exchange lists. Rusty: Since we are only able to send our homemade ecard, we assumed that's what we...

    18/12/2014 - 10:00

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Officials with the Milwaukee Ballet want to know who would steal their donation box at one of its performances. According to an open letter that was posted to Twitter on Friday, December 19th, someone stolen the donation box at the Thursday performance of “The Nutcracker.” It apparently happened some time during Act […]

    4 hours ago
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