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published 11/11/2012  by PointlessBlog  YouTube
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    Mika: Happy Ending Unlike the moving song above I am pleased to report another happy ending. Earlier Marcus moaned about the fact that "You'll never get rich working with PC's" It would seem that the clone and transformation of a friends ancient HP Compaq 6710b laptop was not 100% successful. Remind me what did you do? - We cleaned the old laptop removing dust and grime from fan areas to improve...

  • Daily News Analysis

    "The wise workman will not regret the poverty or the solitude which brought out his working talents. The youth is charmed with the fine air and accomplishments of the children of fortune. But all great men come out of the middle classes. 'Tis better for the head; 'tis better for the heart. Marcus Antoninus says, that Fronto told him, "that the so-called high-born are for the most part heartless;"...

  • No Rock And Roll Fun

    There's an odd little piece in the spitewrapper that is the Mail On Sunday this morning - it's a glorified puff piece for some sort of timesharey/homeswapping deal. But what's fascinating is that the frontman for the operation is Marcus Vere. Marcus Vere. "Eighties pop star Marcus Vere". We'll save you the Googling - he was in Living In A Box. Which does at least allow the Mail a sort-of joke :...

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