John Lewis : John Lewis Christmas Advert 2012 - The Journey

published 09/11/2012  by JohnLewisRetail  YouTube
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  • New Statesman

    We're looking at you, Coca Cola, John Lewis, Asda, Morrisons and Very. Here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun. Well, it isn't, and they aren't, but it might as well be. For this weekend, all the Christmas advertising campaigns launched. "Holidays are coming", chant the perennially joyful Coca-Cola singers in Rainbowland as a giant truck snarls down Main Street, cruelly failing to add...

  • The Guardian

    TV advertisement with 'a real adventure' inspires publisher Nosy Crow to rush out illustrated tale for Christmas A loving snowman, concerned his beloved snowlady might be feeling the winter chill, is daunted by nothing in his quest to find her a scarf, hat and gloves. We have all – well, more than two million of us, anyway – seen John Lewis's latest Christmas ad, and now we can read the...

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