Harlem Reacts to 'Harlem Shake' Videos

published 19/02/2013  by SchleppFilms  YouTube
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    It’s fair to say that the Harlem Shake has become the new Gangnam Style. Over just the last month, it’s become almost impossible to surf such web-sites as Tumblr, Facebook, or Youtube and not come across a video where people perform this new dance craze. It’s become popular to do this dance with others in [...] Everyone Loves the Harlem Shake, Except for Actual People From Harlem . More at Buzz...

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    Last Wednesday a hoard of students dressed in various flamboyant costumes descended upon our university's Piazza – a central meeting square near the Students' Union – to perform a dance which had only recently come to my attention known as the 'Harlem Shake'. Michael Allen is studying Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. Students dress up for the Harlem Shake Photo:...

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    Multiculturalism, we often hear these days, is either dead, doesn’t work or has gone too far – like its little sibling, Political Correctness – it is blamed for a whole range of social and economic ills. At the Munich Security Conference in 2011, the British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a carefully choreographed critique of “state multiculturalism”. Echoeing the [...]

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