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    Liam Payne, one fourth of the boy band One Direction, celebrated his big 22 this past weekend, complete with a bachelor party, a couple of new tattoos, and a crowd of thousands that sang “Happy Birthday” to him. The Daily Mail reports that Payne was partying at the Biergarten in New York City this past... Read more » Liam Payne Celebrates Birthday With New Tattoos And A Bachelor Party is an...

    02/09/2015 - 05:39
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    Jennifer Aniston is back to the grind after a luxurious wedding and honeymoon. The Cake star has begun filming for the latest comedy within which she joins Jason Sudeikis while under the direction of Gary Marshall. Mother’s Day also stars additional A-list actresses including Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson, with the script being penned by... Read more » Jennifer Aniston Post Nuptials Working Hard...

  • Cele|bitchy

    Last night was pretty interesting at my house, since the 14-year-old daughter is an enormous One Direction fan. News of their breakup hit the internet hard, and I was afraid to inform her. She was on her iPad all evening, so the cries of anguish could have happened at any moment. This never happened because […]

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