Girls Aloud - Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me

published 05/12/2012  by GirlsAloudVEVO  YouTube
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    "How did that happen?" I wonder aloud. "Aren't we all just 20?" But we aren't. So much has happened since I saw her last but as we walk and we talk, the years fade. I remember when my friend told me she was pregnant. Less than a year after the wedding, I drove to Ohio for no reason at all but to see them. My friends. That sunny summer morning she drank cranberry juice out of a wineglass so no one...


    Dear Ironic Cotton Wonder, I wish I could say my love for you has been consistent through and through, but TBH, we’ve had many an up and down in our relationship. I first discovered the joy you could bring in 2006 when Abercrombie and Hollister created you in incorrectly-sized, bright colors. You were a staple in the middle and high school halls. You let everyone know I had the ability to make my...

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    Details of Sarah Harding ’s ‘Coronation Street’ arrival have been revealed, with the former Girls Aloud star set to cause trouble as the new partner of Tracy Barlow’s ex Robert Preston. Sources have revealed that a love triangle will develop, when Robert turns up in Weatherfield claiming to be single. Sarah Harding The Sun states that his cover is then blown when Sarah’s character, whose name has...

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