Google : How It Feels [through Glass]

published 20/02/2013  by Google  YouTube
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    Bettings on the first lawsuit? Mmm, in two minds, or should that be having double vision over Google Glass. Can’t be the only one still wary of people approaching one on Westminster Bridge waving their arms like an Italian chef and talking animatedly, seemingly to themselves. Are they hands-free on their phone talking to a chum in Kilmarnock, or a recent escapee from a facility who might toss one...

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    Google's latest video shows off just what it will be like to use Google Glass , its revolutionary pair of interactive glasses. Google shows the view from twirling ballerinas, ice-skaters spinning and a child inside a giant bubble and a hot air balloon ride - you know, just your everyday activities. There's no sitting at a desk for eight hours involved. A host of new features are demonstrated,...

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