The Debt Limit Explained

published 21/01/2013  by CGPGrey  YouTube
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    Anyone who follows China knows that the country faces a particularly vexing problem when it comes to debt. The way we explain it is simple: Beijing is attempting to deleverage and re-leverage simultaneously. Needless to say, this isn’t possible, but that hasn’t stopped China from trying, as is clear from the multitude of contradictory policies and directives that have emanated from Beijing over...

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    Earlier this month, Americans for Prosperity held a “Road to Reform” event in Las Vegas. I got to be the warm-up speaker and made two simple points. First, we made a lot of fiscal progress between 2009 and 2014 because various battles over debt limits , shutdowns , and sequestration actually did result in real spending discipline. Second, I used January’s 10-year forecast from the Congressional...

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    Paul Mason sort of explaining Quantitative Easing. There is though a flaw in in his explanation of what could be called Classical Quantitative Easing, yes, the money did flow to the banks, yes, it did then flow into the stock market, into commodities like gold, but it did not trickle down into the real economy. […]

    9 hours ago
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