The Debt Limit Explained

published 21/01/2013  by CGPGrey  YouTube
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    Since the beginning of March when we first explained why QE (or at least some manner of “unconventional” monetary policy) may be inevitable in China, we’ve tracked developments around the country’s local government debt refi effort closely. For those in need of a refresher, we've documented the program from inception to implementation and beyond in exhaustive detail in the following posts:...

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    At the Cato Institute economist Steve Hanke explains why the IMF has been playing hardball with Greece: (bold mine) Under normal conditions, the IMF is supposed to be limited to lending up to 200% of a country’s quota (each country’s capital contribution made to the IMF) in a single year and 600% in cumulative total. However, under the IMF’s “exceptional access” policy there are, in principle,...

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    Submitted by Howard Kunstler via , If there is a Pulitzer Booby Prize for stupidity, waste no time in awarding it to The New York Times’ Monday feature, The Unrealized Horrors of Population Explosion . The former “newspaper of record” wants us to assume now that the sky’s the limit for human activity on the planet earth. Problemo cancelled. The article and accompanying video was...

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