The Debt Limit Explained

published 21/01/2013  by CGPGrey  YouTube
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    On Friday we wrote our latest take on how the ECB's CSPP, or corporate bond buying program, in which we explained how this ECB's latest market manipulating adventure is about to crush the fundamentals of the European (and soon, courtesy of the ECB's "SPV" loophole, global) bond market. We showed how the ECB, in its latest attempt to become an even more market-moving hedge fund, is set to buy...


    India has revoked the passport of a flamboyant Indian businessman and Force India owner Vijay Mallya accused of fleeing to London in March while owing more than a billion dollars to Indian banks. External Affairs Ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup said the decision to revoke Vijay Mallya’s passport was taken considering the evidence gathered by India’s […]

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    [The Herald] In my previous instalment of this column, which appeared in The Sunday Mail of March 13 2016, I gave an account of the different sources and uses of liquidity in Zimbabwe. I also explained the demand and supply constraints of liquidity in the country before highlighting some of the measures taken by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to deal with the country's liquidity...

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