Far Cry 3 Weaponry!

published 04/12/2012  by FPSRussia  YouTube
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    We’ve been very eagerly awaiting Far Cry 4 ever since we first got to play a brief section of the game during E3 2014 in June. But while that was enough to give us a small, tantalising taste of the setting and feel of the game, it wasn’t anywhere...

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    Ubisoft impressed us with Far Cry 3's open island paradise and while Far Cry 4 takes players to the decidedly distinct Himalayas, that region will also feature varied wildlife, weaponry, and vehicles though one gun and a few missions have been reserved for gamers who preorder. Read more on GameRevolution.com

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    Ubisoft released a new trailer today teasing some of the many guns that will make an appearance in Far Cry 4. The trailer features a KRISS Vector .45 sub-machine gun, a WWII-era MG42 machine gun, a mortar tube, a Nepalese kukri, a P416 assault rifle, a flame thrower, and an auto-crossbow. Although note explicitly mentioned, a few […]

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