Cat meets snow

published 18/01/2013  by jefcharles  YouTube
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    Sophie the cat sees snow for the first time, and she can't decide is she loves it ... or hates it.

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    THEE History: A Photographic Timeline of How THEESatisfaction Came to Be by Charles Mudede I f you have no idea who THEESatisfaction are, then you must be very new to this town. But even if you are a recent inhabitant of the 206, Stasia "Stas" Irons and Catherine "Cat" Harris-White are by no means obscure or underground. They are, after all, signed to Seattle's most internationally recognized...

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    An early posting today before I get ready for my friends coming. I have just switched on to do my Tesco order for the week, so this is going on at the same time. The ham turned out first class and is all ready for carving. I have to make the salad and I forgot tomatoes but am too lazy to go back into town for them so shall do without them. The almond tart for sweet at lunch time is made and the...

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