Cat meets snow

published 18/01/2013  by jefcharles  YouTube
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    Who needs Prince Charming when you can have Captain America? That's right, folks. Lily Collins and Chris Evans are dating, reports Us Weekly . We can't think of a better, more wholesome couple to frolic with animals, save the world, and look damn good while doing it. The two reportedly met last month at Vanity Fair 's Oscar party where Lily debuted a fierce pixie cut we're still fawning over.

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    Route 209 in Kerhonkson. There is a chimney on the side of Route 209 in Kerhonkson, right before you get to the light if you're coming from Kingston. It's covered with green leaves in the summer, orange ones in the fall and snow in the winter. It's also littered with political signs during election season. But it alone demands and commands attention, as if it were saying, "I am here, and there's...

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    You see a lot of strange things on the streets of New York City. Strange, wonderful and amazing. But rarely do you see something as adorable as a baby lamb. Just wandering the streets. Hitting the bar scene. Drinking milk from a bottle. Breaking your heart. But Smokey Da Lamb is no ordinary lamb. According to The New York Post , the three week old (see, he's a BABY!) little guy was abandoned by...

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