Cat meets snow

published 18/01/2013  by jefcharles  YouTube
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    In the history of time, there have been some mind-bending sights to behold. But up until now, no human being has ever seen anything quite this stunningly surreal. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a cat enjoying the snow. Read more...

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    I’ve been working on this painting for a while. This is Tara, a snow leopard. I met her a few years ago at Santago Leopard Project, a truly beautiful cat and a privilege to see her so close. Those eyes … Continue reading →

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    The cleanest-burning snowcat engine to hit snow in North America has been working at Aspen Mountain for the past two weeks. The cat, made by Prinoth, has been through four years of testing and development in order to meet stringent Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 emissions standards for off-road diesel engines. But perhaps the better news for cat operators is that the machines didn’t have...

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