Carrie The Great

published 19/03/2012  by nerimon  YouTube
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    Country sensation Carrie Underwood was called "fat" by complete strangers who felt the need to pass judgement on her appearance while she was enjoying her experience on 'American Idol'. She told Us magazine that she received a lot of criticism when she was on the vocal talent show and was frequently body-shamed, which was difficult to deal with: "Back when I was on American Idol, I was a bit...


    The 50th Annual CMA Awards will, once again, be hosted by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood (it’s turning into a steady gig for them!). Between the pair they have 20 CMA Awards, so with that and hosting several times, they have to be among the most comfortable awards show hosts around. The CMA Awards honor the … Continue reading The 50th CMA Awards aka The Brad & Carrie Show! →

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    "Open and alert, you respond sensitively to the world around you, and it causes you a great deal of pain and tremendous trepidation. But, of course, these are the natural byproducts of a closely examined life."

    27/05/2016 - 08:00
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