This Is A Brick -- Mind Blow #56

published 02/01/2013  by Vsauce2  YouTube
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    Undoubtedly the best LEGO replica we've ever featured.

  • Chip Chick

    We’ll happily belabor the point—we’re in a golden age of LEGO. We’ve seen some amazing models from LEGO’s design house, but this Helicarrier is some next level stuff, stocked with tons of details and a few LEGO firsts. The LEGO SHIELD Helicarrier is based on the Avengers’ helicarrier from The Avengers and Captain America movies, and it looks every bit as fantastic in brick form. You’ve got the...


    When you think of hip-hop royalty from Long Island names like Eric B. & Rakim and EPMD automatically come to mind. In the skateboard world, there’s also a few legends from Strong Island — namely Gino Iannucci. With impeccable style and a trick selection that blew the heads away in the early ’90s, the kid […]

    27/02/2015 - 17:10
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