This Is A Brick -- Mind Blow #56

published 02/01/2013  by Vsauce2  YouTube
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    First Tennessee Park wants you to marvel in the glory of their beige bricks. [screenshot from their Instagram account ] Last year Mayor Karl Dean, with a big assist from my very own council member Erica Gilmore, ramrodded the plan for First Tennessee Park through the compliant Metro Council with little or no discussion and minimal chances for community feedback. When it was suggested that the...

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    it was a wet very wet saturday i got my hair washed/blown dry then put my hood on and flattened out all the lovely fullness i cleaned out my closet a month or two ago weeding out all the things i no longer wear made up a big bag took it to a shop called second time around which sells your castoffs on consignment they look on line to determine the cost when it sells you get 40% if it doesn't sell...