Two Boys One Sack

published 11/11/2012  by MarcusButlerTV  YouTube
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    Hat tip to my pal Lauren for this one. She ordered personalised Santa sacks for her boys and shared a photograph on Facebook and I was all over it! Two are now winging my way for Lola and Finn. They’re natural, hard-wearing sacks you will be able to use year after year and because they’re printed on […]

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    Defensive end J.J. Watt was asked today what he would do if quarterback Ryan Mallett takes a selfie before his first start at Cleveland on Sunday? Watt hesitated, smiled and said, “I’ll make sure I have a talk with him about that. He can take one today, though, just not Sunday.” During the Texans’ victory at Tennessee, Watt took mock selfies after each of his two sacks of rookie quarterback Zach...

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    Do you crave "me time"? I can't promise you a silver bullet, but I can offer you a laugh or two and a chance to sit back and think about how you can possibly build some into your forthcoming vacation... I seem to remember the concept of "me time" from a long time ago... It used to involve me, a book and a cup of chamomile tea ensconced in my unblemished cream two-seater couch in my first...

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