Two Boys One Sack

published 11/11/2012  by MarcusButlerTV  YouTube
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    We haven’t done much Bible study recently, and I thought today might be a good day to dig in again. Yesterday’s lectionary readings intrigued me, particularly the OT reading and the Gospel. I think they raise some questions, not only of biblical interpretation, but of how we approach the Bible and stories like this. �� […]

  • Oldrightie

    Nice One! A neat bubble bursting exercise by Cameron. Here the amateur wee lassie from the wannabe Greek leader's fiefdom presently known as Scotland, for now, got a lesson in grown up politics. Guess who had a big promotional hand in getting this trap unwittingly sprung? The PBC morons. Two humiliations for the price of one! Whoever expected this bill to be aired any time soon were naive to say...

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    Although I am mummy to three little boys we never leave the house together without at least one bag, and have several different bags dependant upon our outing but there are staple items that come with us no matter what the occasion. Little Mans and Tiny Mans bags: The boys definitely like to make a statement with their bags from their favourite characters to different colours and sizes. I always...

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