Belfast Rioting

published 10/12/2012  by padraigomuireagain  YouTube
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  • The Observer

    In a city of peace walls, Catholics feel occupied, Protestants that they’ve an ancient claim to the land. So both appropriate the narratives of the Israel-Palestine conflict The Short Strand housing estate is a fiercely republican enclave in predominantly loyalist east Belfast . In these tightly packed streets, several thousand Catholics hunker down in an area of tens of thousands of Protestants.

  • Belfast Newsletter - News Feed

    A Belfast man who was identifed as a rioter by tattoos on his lower arm which bore his name and date of birth was sent to jail on Tuesday.

  • BBC News

    A soldier in command in the Divis area of west Belfast when a young boy was shot by a rubber bullet tells the inquest into his death that there was serious rioting on the day he died.

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