Belfast Rioting

published 10/12/2012  by padraigomuireagain  YouTube
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    BELFAST NOIR (Akashic Books), edited by Stuart Neville and Adrian McKinty, will be launched at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, on November 22nd. To wit: An event for crime fiction fans guys, one that is certainly not to be missed! No Alibis Bookstore invite you to the Crescent Arts Centre on Saturday 22nd November at 6:30pm for the launch of BELFAST NOIR. This FREE event sees a variety of...

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    The father of a 15-year-old youth from Nottingham who sustained head injuries during rioting in east Belfast on Monday night said his son “is now drifting in and out of consciousness” in the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.

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    Petrol bombs, stones, bottles and fireworks were thrown after crowds of youths gather

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