Belfast Rioting

published 10/12/2012  by padraigomuireagain  YouTube
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  • Belfast Newsletter - News Feed

    ‘Spiderman’ went on trial on Monday, accused of rioting in the centre of Belfast in the summer of last year.

  • The Observer

    This man had gone to the pub for a drink. When he came out, there were troops and razorwire everywhere I took this in August 1969, on the very first day of the arrival of British troops in Belfast . They were there to restore peace after sectarian rioting. The man with his back to me was yelling at the soldiers: What the hells going on here? Hed gone into a pub to have a drink and come out to...

    22/10/2014 - 15:55
  • Belfast Newsletter - News Feed

    Two Co Antrim men who travelled from their homes to the centre of Belfast to take part in a protest over an anti-internment parade were jailed for rioting on Friday.

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