A Very Bad Day!

published 22/11/2012  by FPSRussia  YouTube
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    Our washing did dry last night and our stay in the apartment in Ponte de Lima had been very comfortable and enjoyable. We really think that this was a place we could return to some day. Today we had an early breakfast, just at the cafe adjoining the apartment, we'd tried to make an early start today as the middle part of the walk is over probably the highest post of this whole route. We have been...

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    Coach Freeze and Ole Miss' Thursday could have gone a lot better. Thursday sure was interesting for the Ole Miss football program, eh? Hugh Freeze's program has received a lot of buzz and attention in his time in Oxford for both positives and negatives, but last night was the culmination of everything they have been heading towards since 2013. That should be a positive, but in this case it isn't.

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    A member of the Board of Directors has quit in frustration. That can happen; it's not necessarily a bad thing. But in the present case, some very difficult questions come up, according to DW's Henrik Böhme.

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