A Very Bad Day!

published 22/11/2012  by FPSRussia  YouTube
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    RIALTO >> It says something about Rialto Unified’s 2014 that scathing audits, the departure of top officials and an attempted recall of two board members weren’t its darkest days.

    28/12/2014 - 01:03
  • Tigerlilly Quinn

    Tom surprised me with another post he wanted to share with you guys (I think the fame from the last one went to his head ;)). I've been meaning to mention for a while our work situation and when I mentioned it to Tom he said he would really like to share what it meant to him and why it what the decision meant for our family. I also wanted to note that I realise we are very lucky to be in a...

    3 hours ago
  • Daily Express

    LOUIS VAN GAAL was pleased with Manchester United's win over Newcastle - but not the other Boxing Day results!

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