A Very Bad Day!

published 22/11/2012  by FPSRussia  YouTube
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    Knowing how to win and how to suffer: Merckx labors alone up L'Alpe d'Huez. Eddy Merckx entered the 1977 Tour de France with the goal to win his sixth Tour. After six seasons with Molteni he moved to the new FIAT team coached by Raphael Geminiani. As the race entered the Alps he started to lose big time. That's the Cannibal suffering up L'Alpe d'Huez losing thirteen minutes. No more the dominant...

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    This wasn't a good day for poor Saga - the news of her estranged father's death, swiftly followed by the gruesome discovery of her boss and arguably only friend Hans Petterson. This week's double bill gave us the usual plentiful offering of twists and double-backs, as the investigation into the clownish killings expanded into The Bridge's customary strata of the highest and darkest elements of...

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    The quality of service in the independent women's sector is no guarantee against the future as the British government continues its assault on specialist women’s services protecting women from violence. It is tragic that we must mark the 16 Day period of activism and awareness of violence against women in 2015 with the recognition that the very sector that provides services to these women is...

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