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  • I'm Not Obsessed

    Here’s a new look at the Hugh Jackman Pan movie. One thing is clear: he’s not Wolverine (his character in the X-Men franchise)! Hugh posted a new trailer of his movie, Pan, on Instagram. Take a look after the break. RELATED: Here’s the Hugh Jackman workout for his role as Blackbeard in Pan: he deadlifts […] The post Hugh Jackman Pan Movie: He’s Not Wolverine Anymore (Hot New Trailer) appeared...

  • Dear Thirty.....

    Hello folks, Yes!! I'm still alive and well, despite my lack of activity on this blog I've been about on Facebook and instagram mainly. It's not that I don't want to blog or have lost an interest in doing so; I believe I have simply lost myself somewhere between last spring and now, I don't know how it happened or why - it's just one of those things that creeps up slowly only to pounce at the...

  • Fashercise // FASHION FOR THE FIT

    It is the Age of the Superfood – there’s always a new super fruit, vegetable or herb that claims to cure your illnesses and make you a happier, healthier, fitter person – but what’s actually in these health food godsends and why are they so brilliant? First up is the humble ginger root: it doesn’t […]

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