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    New Mom Real Talk: 5 Tips on How to Bake with a Baby Apparently it’s been four months since my last New Mom post. There has been been an amazing amount of change from 7 1/2 months to 11 1/2 months. At that point, L had only been mobile for a few weeks and now […]

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    With sexy red lighting, high energy music, and plenty of beautiful people coated in sweat, Barry's Bootcamp is more like a nightclub than a gym. The popular fitness studio debuted in California in 1998. Today, it has 18 locations — plus one on the way on New York's Upper East Side — spread across the US, Norway, and England. Its celebrity fans include everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jake...

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    Mikhail Prokhorov is a tall, fit and very rich Russian man who happens to own an NBA team. The quirky billionaire surprised the Brooklyn Nets at their training camp Wednesday The post Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Made the Nets Do His Strange Workouts appeared first on SLAMonline .

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