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    How many of you made a New Years resolution to be more healthy in 2015? It’s a common goal–who doesn’t want to be healthy? A big part of a healthy lifestyle is being physically active. That’s hard here in Upstate NY during the winter–we have a lot of cold, icky days where the wind is […] Related posts: 5 Frugal Winter Ways to Get Up & Move So you’ve done it, you’ve promised yourself that this...


    Interested in purchasing Insanity The Asylum? Click here ➤ ↓↓↓ OPEN FOR MORE INF… Some new routines from Asylum 2!! I had the pleasure […]

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    Well, it's that time of year again... when most people break their New Year's resolutions. Today's message is especially dedicated to Anthony Guidotti in Columbus, NJ, Frank "Tank" Sconzo in Trenton, NJ, Cheryl Verros in Philadelphia, PA, and Christina Cavanagh in Hamilton, NJ. On Jan. 1, countless people are determined to improve their lives. "This is MY year," they say. The most common...

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