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    Say goodbye to your post-workout bad hair days! Allure reveals the best way to give yourself a mini blowout at the gym. Any woman who works out on the regular has ruined a couple of great hair days (cue the world's tiniest violin). No blowout is strong enough, no product is miraculous enough to withstand 45 minutes of Zumba, which means you have to factor in plenty of extra time to fix your hair...

    30/10/2014 - 12:00
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    With all of the amazingness that surrounds Beyoncé , one thing's pretty much a given: girlfriend works out and works out hard. As such, her just-announced athletic-inspired collection with Topshop makes all kinds of sense. Sure, she's not constantly photographed leaving the gym like some stars or always giving interviews about what she does to stay fit, but I'd say it's a given that her lifestyle...

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    A few weeks ago, one of our good friends told us about an amazing, inspiring boot camp class she partook in, hosted by New York based personal trainer Glenn Ford of Ford Fit . Always ones to promote what is up-and-coming before anyone else, we sat down with Mr. Ford to hear his thoughts on working out, and had him put together the perfect workout playlist for you, our loyal readers. The gym guru...

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