A Stupid Idea

published 02/12/2012  by nerimon  YouTube
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    (AwfulAnnouncing) — ESPN has reportedly suspended MLB writer Keith Law from Twitter after a contentious argument about evolution with fellow ESPNer Curt Schilling last week. Deadspin initially reported the suspension earlier on Friday evening, and many that read the details felt that his suspension was ridiculous. Law’s Twitter ban apparently [...]

  • The Columbian stories: Letters to the Editor

    Who's stupid now? I will never call names, but if you are not aware of all the Republican ideas for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, whose fault is that?

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    [Beautifully written piece. I relish the idea that after eight years of failure, Obama will leave the Democratic party in tatters and left holding the bag. df] Wonder Land Obama: The Hangover The Gruber technocracy is a green sludge consuming the Democratic Party.

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