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Nintendo‘s holiday gush continues, with the gaming company pushing out a new bundle this time preloading Mario Kart 7 onto the eye-friendly 3DS XL. The new, limited-edition system pairs the blue/black version of the larger glasses-free 3D handheld with a copy of Mario Kart 7 for $199.99, rather than the $240 you’d be shelling out if Read The Full Story


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  • Business Wire

    REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mario Kart fans are getting a limited-edition bundle to help keep their engines revving through the holidays. On Dec. 2, Nintendo is offering a Blue/Black Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed on the system for a suggested retail price of $199.99. If purchased separately, the system and the game would be offered at suggested retail prices of $199.99 and...

  • GamerFront

    If you’re a handheld player who enjoys collectible handheld systems, the array of different system styles has been a bit depressing here in the states. We’ve seen some pretty awesome Nintendo 3DS bundles hit overseas and unfortunately they don’t look like they’ll make it stateside. There’s good news, however, as a new 3DS bundle has [...]

  • TweakTown News RSS Feed

    The holiday shopping season is in full swing and what would the season be like without major video game console manufacturers bundling their previously released systems with an extremely popular game? It wouldn't be a holiday season without it as many parents will be enticed at the prospect of getting a hot game console with a great game for a great price. Nintendo is the king of bundling their...

  • Cinema Blend

    The holiday season is always a great time to pick up a new gaming console and, in case you've had your eye on the Nintendo 3DS XL, the Big N has decided to offer a special bundle including the game and a free copy of Mario Kart 7 .


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  • Kotaku Australia

    The new Nintendo Direct Mini isn’t about the Wii Mini . It’s about new/old New Super Mario Bros. 2 levels that are temporarily free on the Nintendo 3DS. Not too confusing, right? More »

  • El Mundo Tech

    [EN]: I have yet to go to New York City, but if you are fortunate enough to be there this weekend, or even there tomorrow (Wednesday) to see The Legend od Zelda Symphony, you could try out many Nintendo 3ds and Wii U games at the Queens Center Mall starting this Friday at 11am. The [...]

  • SegmentNext

    Video game publisher Atlus has released the very first North American teaser trailer for Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, the company’s upcoming RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. Etrian Odyssey is a first person turn based RPG game. You use the lower touch screen to chart out paths, create maps, and identify encountered dangers [...]

  • El33tonline

    If you were thinking of buying a new 3DS XL this Christmas, then Nintendo has just given you another reason to do so. Anyone who buys a new 3DS XL by January 15th will be able to download one of five 3DS games for free, provided you fall within the participating countries that is. To qualify for this special offer you must buy the handheld, register it with Club Nintendo, choose your free game...

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