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    I was sent the Motorola MBP853CONNECT baby monitor to review... The MBP853 Connect is a HD WiFi connected video monitor with a 3.5" colour LCD parent unit that live stream's video from the camera in the baby's room. I'm not afraid of technology, so had it been a challenge to set up, I'd have welcomed the challenge, but I honestly have to say, you really couldn't get much simpler to set up. In the...


    For years, Motorola put out a flagship phone called the X, and for years it won positive reviews, thanks to its customizable design, clean software build and generally good value. This year, there's no X. Instead, we have two new Moto phones, the Z a...

  • - Latest reviews. has collected 1 expert review for Motorola MBP18 baby monitor and the rating is 80 of 100. Click below and use to find all ratings, product awards and conclusions.


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