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  • Roker Report

    The Super Bowl will be live in Spanish on ESPN Deportes for the first time this year, and here's how you can watch. While Super Bowl 50 will be carried live by CBS, the rights to televise the game in Spanish were picked up by ESPN Deportes after reaching an agreement with the station and the NFL. When the game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET, ESPN Deportes will have full coverage of the game between...

  • VG247

    Oh now that there’s money in it it’s a real sport, huh? ESPN has launched a vertical on its main website devoted to eSports. This is very good and we’re very happy, but mostly we’re smug, because we haven’t forgotten that time ESPN boss John Skipper once said video games aren’t a real sport. Cynically, […]

  • TechRadar

    ESPN announced today that it will be covering competitive gaming with the debut of its own eSports vertical. ESPN eSports , complete with a dedicated Twitter account , will bring interviews, behind-the-scenes coverage, and even post-season report cards for gaming's biggest professional leagues. "Today's launch is our latest push to reach and connect with this growing and passionate audience,"...


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