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Richard Murphy on tax and economics

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    I took part in a BBC programme entitled ‘Why do Tax Havens Still Exist'’, broadcast this week. My argument was that tax was not the primary reason for their existence anymore and that, to some extent, measures designed to tackle this issue, in no small part designed by and introduced under pressure from civil society, Read the Rest...

    4 hours ago
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    I am on holiday. I suspect that is obvious from the relative lack of action on the blog. In the process of going away I am fulfilling a long made promise to my youngest son: we are touring the narrow gauge steam railways of Wales, something only possible because his elder brother, who would have Read the Rest...

    29/07/2015 - 09:28
  • Tax Research UK

    According to the Guardian: David Cameron will promise to act against corrupt foreigners who buy up luxury properties in the UK using secretive holding companies to hide their “dirty money”. And: The prime minister will promise to introduce a central public land registry of foreign companies, setting out which land they own, in the autumn. Read the Rest...