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    I liked this comment in the Economist yesterday in an article discussing the problems with automatic information exchange from tax havens under the OECD’s proposed Common Reporting Standard (CRS): The OECD hopes that upright financial firms will turn in rivals that abet tax evasion once the CRS kicks in, if only to stop them stealing business. Read the Rest...

    50 minutes ago
  • Tax Research UK

    Cooperatives UK have issued the following press release that I am pleased to share: The UK co-operative sector, worth £37 billion to the British economy, has agreed a partnership with the Fair Tax Mark, an initiative that enables businesses to demonstrate to consumers that they deal with tax transparently and fairly. In the context of Read the Rest...

    52 minutes ago
  • Tax Research UK

    I am aware that Emma Thompson and Greg Wise are threatening to go on tax strike until HSBC are prosecuted for assisting tax evasion. I admire their conviction and courage and wish them well but cannot suggest that others follow their action. The penalties for paying taxes due later than law requires are substantial and Read the Rest...

    53 minutes ago