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Richard Murphy on tax and economics

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    Someone said yesterday that this blog appeared to have become a discussion board on the Labour leadership. I would argue that is merely symptomatic. It so happens that what is happening in that debate is of some significance to my broader issues of concern. But the issue is not Labour per se but the broader Read the Rest...

    2 hours ago
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    Clive Lewis wrote an article supporting Jeremy Corbyn for leader of Labour yesterday. It was candid. And as I know and like Clive I read it with respect for his honesty. One group of paragraphs stood out to me. They said this: [There is] an existential crisis of Labour and social democracy happening the world Read the Rest...

    28/07/2016 - 07:31
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    I asked Jeremy Corbyn for policy and never got it. I have been severely criticised for doing so. I can live with that. One of my sons reckons I was born in a flak jacket and my mother certainly agreed. So bearing that in mind I will say that Owen Smith has delivered a lot Read the Rest...