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Richard Murphy on tax and economics

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    The Guardian carries an article this morning on what might happen if the UK leaves the EU on 23rd June. It is interesting, but misses the fundamental point by concentrating largely on process. I happen to think the article is right when suggesting that over all that process will be slow and deeply revealing of Read the Rest...

    12 hours ago
  • Tax Research UK

    It would seem I have touched a raw nerve for some regular commentators by suggesting that I welcome the IMF article, recently published, that appeared to recognise the failure of neoliberalism to tackle inequality and the inappropriateness of much of the austerity agenda. It now seems that this article has attracted a vicious backlash from the Read the Rest...

    14 hours ago
  • Tax Research UK

    The sheer stupidity of holding a referendum on the future of the U.K.’s membership of the European Union is becoming more apparent by the day. I know of no one who really believes that the UK public thought this an issue of real priority before David Cameron made it the focus of political concern. And, Read the Rest...

    30/05/2016 - 08:19