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Parliamentary plots and conspiracy

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  • Guy Fawkes' Blog

    Revised ONS data shows public sector net borrowing was £76 billion in the last financial year, £2 billion more than previously thought. Osborne had forecast £72.2 billion of borrowing for the last year and was reported to have missed his […]

    49 minutes ago
  • Guy Fawkes' Blog

    Detectives have launched an investigation into shadow minister Cat Smith after Guido revealed a string of anomalies in her election expenses. Last week we reported that several thousand pounds was missing from the Labour MP’s spending declarations. Smith herself refused […]

    3 hours ago
  • Guy Fawkes' Blog

    Leave message: Turkey joining the EU will strain the NHS. Remain message: Treasury report warns of recession upon Brexit. Cut through: Brexit recession figures bashed by Sturgeon and Boris. Leave social media count: 400,404 likes, 44,595 followers. Remain social media […]

    23/05/2016 - 18:08