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  • Monbiot

    The US bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan is just one symptom of comprehensive military failure By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 7th October 2015 “The strike may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.” This is how an anonymous Nato spokesperson described Saturday’s disaster in Afghanistan. Let’s translate it into […]

  • Monbiot

    The hideous pollution case I stumbled on illustrates our failure to see the harm caused by animal farming. By George Monbiot, published on the Guardian’s website, 5th October 2015 Eat less meat and fish, drink less milk. No request could be simpler, or more consequential. Nothing we do has greater potential for reducing our […]

  • Monbiot

    There may be water on Mars. But is there intelligent life on Earth? By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 30th September 2015 Evidence for flowing water on Mars – this opens up the possibility of life; of wonders we cannot begin to imagine. Its discovery is an astonishing achievement. Meanwhile, Martian scientists continue their […]