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Planetary perspectives

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  • Mark Shuttleworth

    Our mascot for Ubuntu 15.04 is the Vivid Vervet; so named because of its goal of creating a vibrant, smart platform for Internet things, unleashing the free software community's imagination on the next wave of computing with a base that's familiar, secure and trustworthy.

  • Mark Shuttleworth

    Judgement in my favour by the Supreme Court of Appeal on 1 October 2014 gives us the basis of a case in the Constitutional Court, which will challenge exchange control regulations and their implementation on constitutional grounds, with the goal of ensuring that South Africans can pursue their work and personal interests on a level global playing field for the first time. I'd like to thank the...

  • Mark Shuttleworth

    The ability for people to organise, to exchange ideas freely and to communicate in private has been central to the emergence of the internet as a global force for good in business and in personal matters. That freedom is now well under threat from mass surveillance, state sponsored hacking and regulatory programs aimed at providing the means for censorship and monitoring of what should be free...