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    Since we moved to the bungalow, I’ve become much more house proud, the whole place has a completely different atmosphere and is so much lighter and brighter than the flat which has really made a different to how I feel about the environment I am living in. With this in mind it has been wonderful… The post Litecraft Terrarium Candle Lantern Table Lamp: Review appeared first on Life in a Break Down...

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    January is finally here, Christmas is well and truly over and many of us are attempting to get back in shape. Whilst the gym is the best place for you, it is as important to have a healthy diet as it is to have a great relationship with the gym. This means for you to… The post Healthy Recipes to Help you get in Shape this January appeared first on Life in a Break Down .

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  • Life In A Break Down

    The weather can’t seem to decide what it wants to do at the moment, one moment it’s raining, the next blowing a gale and we have even had some snow, sprinkled in of late, as well. The one thing that is for sure about it though is, it is cold and as such these beautiful… The post Brantano Review: Clarks Olso Beth Boots appeared first on Life in a Break Down .