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    UKIP have unveiled this poster as a PR stunt for a by-election UKIP stooping so low they're using the sex abuse of children as a PR stunt. Wow (via @dandoj ) — Sunny Hundal (@sunny_hundal) October 25, 2014 The response by the usual UKIP-faithful has been that I should be more outraged about child sexual abuse than the poster. But...

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    Liberal Conspiracy

    The comedian Russell Brand was interviewed on Newsnight last night about his book, which you can watch above. One headline is that Brand casually implies 9/11 was an inside job because George Bush had links to the Saudis, before half-heartedly back-tracking. But I was more depressed by the first 10 minutes of conversation, and I want to explain why because I think this matters in a wider context.

  • Liberal Conspiracy

    We are back to the regular news cycle whereby Westminster freaks out over how to the threat from UKIP. The political parties will respond with the same promises, soundbites and narratives. Then they’ll go back to existing plans until the next ‘crisis’. Thrown in this debate are two academics – Rob Ford and Matthew Goodwin […]