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    The Labour leadership have finally settled on a clear line on the SNP. Let's start by assuming Cameron cannot cobble together a majority in the Commons on May 8th and has to resign. That gives Ed Miliband his shot at forming a government. Miliband says he won't do a formal coalition with the SNP (Nicola Sturgeon ruled that out ages ago anyway), nor will there be an informal 'Confidence & Supply'...

  • Liberal Conspiracy

    Nick Clegg clearly wants another coalition with the Conservatives. And I’m fairly sure Cameron recognises the necessity of carrying on their tolerable relationship. And a lot of people in Westminster assume the two will be joined at the hip when negotiating post-election. But I don’t think it will be that straightforward. Firstly, it won’t be […]

  • Liberal Conspiracy

    Just a graph really, but tells you everything you need to know