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A blog about science and art - and all the wonderful things in between.

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  • Kuriositas

    The Sandy Glacier Cave system is made up of two large caves, Snow Dragon and Pure Imagination: they extend deep into the glacier. A project a year in the making, ‘Requiem of Ice’ reveals the dramatic melting and collapsing of the cave system that has been occurring since its discovery around a decade ago. John Waller and Ben Canales of Uncage the Soul have scripted an artistic narrative...

    22/11/2014 - 15:27
  • Kuriositas

    Clara Darko , a 33 year old Spanish film lover and video editor has outdone herself with this one – and I loved every second of it. She has put together a montage of dystopic utopias but before proceeding on this project she laid down a few ground rules. First of all, there had to be some sort of organized society, so purely post-apocalyptic films were dismissed. Next, the oppressed had to be...

    22/11/2014 - 14:30
  • Kuriositas

    When the runt of a litter of rabbits is to be disposed of, a young boy’s please result in a stay of execution but with a proviso: he must look after the runt but after a year he must kill it himself. Yet when the year is up will the boy be able to go through with his promise? This animated short has script, design and direction by Andreas Hykade of Film Bilder . Please don't expect a happy ending...

    22/11/2014 - 13:31