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A blog about science and art - and all the wonderful things in between.

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  • Kuriositas

    I’ve been a Disney fan from a very early age so immediately I saw the title of this compilation by Jorge Luengo Ruiz I had to take a peek and, of course, stayed on till the very last second. It is easy to forget all of the magical moments in these movies (I’m getting a little maudlin now!) but this makes it easy to revisit many of them. Perhaps we can become a little worn-out when it comes to...

    22/01/2017 - 16:49
  • Kuriositas

    At 90 years old, Yvonne Dowlen was still ice skating at least five days a week. She rose to fame as an Ice Capades star and never officially retired. This short film is a celebration of longevity and resilience. Yvonne certainly comes across as a wise, witty and wonderful woman. Edges was created by Balcony Nine Media .

    22/01/2017 - 16:31
  • Kuriositas

    Arthur may be young but he has an over-developed imagination which, together with his obsession with death and disease, leads him to ask questions beyond his years. While his sister responds with the self-assured glibness her teenage years demand, Arthur may well find the more profound answers he is looking for from one who lived and suffered long ago. Written and directed by Eddie White , Upside...

    22/01/2017 - 15:37