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A blog about science and art - and all the wonderful things in between.

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  • Kuriositas

    Have you ever wondered what do people around the world eat? Of course, it is hard to find a country which doesn’t have a MacDonald’s restaurant, but all nations always have some kind of a dish which is slightly different, and, to be fair, kind of weird! Don’t believe me? Then, read the title of this article again! Today we are going to talk about the six truly most bizarre traditional dishes from...

    6 hours ago
  • Kuriositas

    Written and directed by Gerard Seymour, Somnium won silver in the Student Film category at The New York Festival’s 2014 International Television & Film Awards. Now a full time animator with TopLine Comms , we caught up with this Cape Town-based creative to find out more about the film. Gerard and his six-strong animation team took the better part of nine months to complete their third year...

  • Kuriositas

    Betty isn’t happy. After a stroke has left her dependent on the morning and evening visits of carers her existence has dwindled to little but TV and soggy sandwiches. However, one day an intruder enters her house and the status quo is at once threatened – but not quite in the way you might imagine. Featuring a tour de force performance by Sarah Kestelman who has been a regular face on British TV...