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as days pass by

as days pass by

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scratched tallies on the prison wall

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  • as days pass by

  • as days pass by

    A while back I proposed an “Ubuntu Component Store” and built a noddy implementation of the command line utility for it . Recently, Nekhelesh Ramanathan revived the idea and did a bunch of work to implement it, and we had a discussion session at the Ubuntu Online Summit about it. This was most interesting. In it, I believe we concluded two things: Thing 1 : It is a good idea to have a place where...

  • as days pass by

    I had this thought. Everyone 1 wears these fitness wristband things 2 now. In the Dresden Files books, Harry Dresden the wizard has a set of magical finger rings which store a little bit of kinetic energy every time he moves his arms. So it’s a tiny bit harder to move them, but not enough that you’d notice, and then he (because he’s a wizard) can release all that energy in one go and use it to do...