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as days pass by

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scratched tallies on the prison wall

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  • as days pass by

    The Matasano crypto challenges are a set of increasingly difficult coding challenges in cryptography; not puzzles, but designed to show you how crypto fits together and why all the parts are important. Cheers to Maciej Ceglowski of for bringing them to my attention. I’ve been playing around with doing the challenges from first principles, in JavaScript. That is: not using any built-in...

    17/12/2014 - 09:01
  • as days pass by

    As mentioned yesterday I’ve enabled webmentions on this site. Now, webmentions could have the same spam problem that Pingback has, and so one of the proposed solutions is Vouch , where when you send a webmention you also include with it a “vouch URL ”. That URL is a page which (a) links to you , and (b) is trusted by the person you’re linking to . That way, the receiver can say: OK , I don’t know...

  • as days pass by

    Well, everyone’s doing Webmentions these days. So, there’s a bandwagon here to jump on. All this is really my fault. It is a good idea that, when I write a post which links elsewhere, that the elsewhere gets told that I linked to it. This way, the web stays connected — obviously, a link from A to B is one-directional, and these notifications allow links to be two -directional. So, 12 years ago, I...