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as days pass by

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  • as days pass by

    You know those little “escape the room” Flash games ? Where you have to click on things to search them, and get clues, and use the clues to find other clues and eventually the way out? They’re a bit like My First Myst. And actually quite fun, at times. Well… in a startling reversal of the trend of taking real things and making electronic versions of them, there are now real-world games where...

    26/01/2015 - 16:48
  • as days pass by

    After the previous post which describes how to send screen video from the Ubuntu phone to a file on your desktop via netcat , it occurred to me that it ought to be possible to just display your Ubuntu phone directly on your desktop’s screen in a window… and with basically the same trick, it is. Connect to your Ubuntu phone with ssh : if the phone is plugged in with a cable then opening the Ubuntu...

  • as days pass by

    An Ubuntu phone has a command-line utility called mirscreencast which dumps screen frames to a file, meaning that in theory it’s possible to record a video of your phone’s screen. In practice, though, it doesn’t work for video; the phone is that busy (a) grabbing frames and (b) writing them to the phone’s storage that you can’t actually use it for jerkiness, and the resultant video includes about...