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as days pass by

as days pass by

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scratched tallies on the prison wall

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  • as days pass by

    I’ve been looking at single-page-app frameworks and not keen on any of them. The list at has a bunch, and I think I’ve rejected them all — I concede that some of these reasons are just flat-out prejudice or reasonably baseless bad feelings or seem pretty trivial to whoever’s reading, so this is your chance to talk me into something you think is good and show me why my bad...

  • as days pass by

    Today I made a little thing, which I find rather more fascinating than I probably should. You see, Joey said , “I wonder if this still works'” That’s quite cool — sand dunes in front of a clock — and it made me remember that years and years ago you used to get these programs where you could click and it would create sand which accumulated at the bottom of the window. The very first one I saw was...

  • as days pass by

    Here are things, according to Twitter people , of which you need to be periodically reminded. unless you have gender specific bathrooms in your home, you use gender neutral bathrooms on the reg one can both disagree with an act but also understand the impulse behind it George Osborne promised new powers to English cities don’t even roll back the 1983 Local Govt dissolution I still think Manitoba...