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as days pass by

as days pass by

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scratched tallies on the prison wall

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  • as days pass by

    “You don’t control Xykon! He controls you!” “Like I said: subtle.” Redcloak, The Order of the Stick Lots of discussion about progressive web apps recently, with a general consensus among forward-thinking web people that this is the way we should be building things for the web from now on. Websites that work offline, that deal well with lie-fi 1 , that are responsive, that are progressive, that...

  • as days pass by

    One of the nice little fillips about writing CSS is that occasionally you use a colour code which turns out to be a word; the most famous here is probably #DECADE . I ran across which has made a whole site from this and was quite pleased, but the terrible old grammarian in me just can’t deal with the l33tsp34k nature of most of the suggestions. You’re obviously allowed A to F , and I’m...