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as days pass by

as days pass by

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scratched tallies on the prison wall

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  • as days pass by

    In the last two days, I’ve installed two Android apps (names redacted because it’s not their fault!) which, on install, have popped up a custom notification saying that the app “requests Sensitive Permissions”. UPDATE : this is not these apps’s fault. It is ES File Explorer’s fault. Uninstall ES File Explorer. And everything below applies to the ES File Explorer people. Tapping this notification...

  • as days pass by

    Before we begin, thank you. Thank you, all, thank you, thank you… Dr Hook, The Millionaire This has been a busy few weeks. Culminating in me becoming forty years of age, of which more later. I went to the US to see Jono and Erica. Watched The Martian on the plane on the way out. It is a very excellent film indeed, and if you have not seen it, go and see it. And I got to hang out in Walnut Creek...