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  • Typecast

    If you want a meeting place in Manchester then hunt out Ziferblat on Edge St . I had to attend a Really Important Meeting this month and it was held here. The concept is amazing ; everything is free apart from the time you spend inside and for this you are charged 6 pence per minute. There is also meeting room hire which follows the same principle. Oh and I shared a picture of the clock wallpaper...

  • Typecast

    It's taken a long time to become comfortable in my own skin and over the last year I've written about it on a few occasions. During that time I've lost two stone in weight (but since plateaued), I've become happier with my running progress and I've found an exercise class that love. I'm also back at a desk job in a career that I've never attempted before but I'm definitely finding my feet. But I...

  • Typecast

    I grew up living just outside of Blackpool. This meant many a Saturday pounding the streets of the town centre with friends but not so many days spent at the Pleasure Beach or visiting the top of the Tower (as much my Southern friend thought I should have done). I also think that living so close to such a mesmerising place means that you forget about the hidden gems that are just out of sight but...