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  • Typecast

    When I was working in an office with Mel we used to map our day out by the structure of Radio 2; it was all about Popmaster, really ( "...and anyone else who knows me" ). During the time I worked at home, I had music on in the background but it all mashed into one long song whilst I hummed along, tunelessly (the modern equivalent to my Grandpa's whistling). Now I'm back in an office environment I...

    18/04/2015 - 11:12
  • Typecast

    Things That Are Wrong With The World #1 : Bodyshaming. And even moreso, bodyshaming the singer, Pink!. I'd fucking LOVE a body (and hair) like hers - and I'm sure my husband would too! Is there a perfect body size and shape? If so, can someone please tell me what it is and then I can sort myself out and make sure I'm harming anyone's eyesight as I walk down the street. Anyway... if anyone could...

  • Typecast

    I loves me a bit of nostalgia. I'm especially attached to the 1980's because they were mainly my defining years but each time I create one of these " x things from x years ago " posts* I'm reminded of how quickly life passes us by. Last night's Friday Twiz theme was 10 Things From 10 Years ago and even when the year 2005 doesn't seem like such a long time ago, whilst researching the questions I...