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  • Typecast

    Emily Organ is a long-time blogging friend of mine and it's wonderful to see her producing such engaging and interesting fiction. The Outsider is Emily's second novel. Yasmin and Daniel meet by chance at a business conference in New York. Both are looking for a reason to move in a new direction in their lives but didn't expect it to be with each other. The only problem is that Daniel is a recent...

  • Typecast

    ...and IN WRITING, from a PR company that I'm working with, which sort of makes it official, doesn't it? For those who don't already know (where HAVE you been'), I'm a bit of a pedant when it comes to the written word. Spelling mistakes leap off the page at me, grammatical errors make my teeth itch, txtspk - even on texts - makes me want to scratch my eyes out and I think we should all just learn...

  • Typecast

    Yesterday, I saw a tweet from 80s Nostalgia which asked what the exact Green Cross Code was (apparently to solve an argument) Was it "Look right, look left, look right again" or "Look left, look right, look left again"? Anyone help? #argument pic.twitter.com/BaoWUr0xyq — 80sNostalgia.com (@80sNostalgia) March 10, 2015 Now, as a fully-fledged member of the Tufty Club and proud to be born in the...