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  • Typecast

    Those of us of a certain * cough * age will remember Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, et al. They were our 1980's idols : The Brat Pack - so named after a fairly negative article in the New York Magazine in June 1985. It felt like all coming-of-age movies starred these beautiful people and their (film) collaborations were the thoughts and actions of our angst-ridden teenage...

  • Typecast

    I can't remember where I first discovered washi tape but I can remember the first set I bought (a set of 10 thin rolls of washi tape - all different colours). I had become hooked on watching "decorating your Filofax" videos on YouTube and needed some of the action. I probably don't have as much washi tape as everyone thinks I do but I do keep it topped up and enjoy seeking out slightly unusual...

  • Typecast

    As mentioned previously on this blog , I live in an old, end-terrace house in the North of England. It's the sort of house that manages to retain heat in the summer and is freezing cold in the winter. If there was a way of harnessing that summer warmth and saving it for the winter, believe me, we'd be up for trying it out. Over the past few years we have taken advantage of Government-funded and...