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  • Typecast

    I keep hearing about this shamazing driver service called Uber. It's mentioned on social media all the time with '£10 money off codes' offered on Twitter with increasing regularity. When I look it up it appears to be an uber-expensive (see what I did there?) taxi service and very much a 'city thing'. It feels to be marketed more as a 'private hire' or 'personal driver' type experience with all...

  • Typecast

    Did you know... a full Kindle weighs a billionth of a billionth of a gram more than a brand-new one? That's one of my favourite facts from the book 1227 Facts To Blow Your Socks Off whch I've had on my Kindle for a couple of years now. But what are you actually supposed to DO with the e-books once you've read them? You can't (as yet in the UK) lend them to anyone, you can't donate them to...

  • Typecast

    I look in the mirror and I'm fairly happy with what I see. Given the (no pain) option I'd change a couple of things and I know that losing more weight will change the shape of my body and my face even more so that's a work in progress. But why does the mirror version of me look so different from the camera version of me? I look at old pictures of myself - the time before I realised about looks,...