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  • Typecast

    I know it's not that long since I last shared a planner set-up update with you but I need to share! I'm still madly in love with the Traveler's Notebook style of planning; so much so that I've gone and ordered another cover, a whole host of notebooks and filmed another video about it all ! So, where to start... you might want to grab a brew and set aside fifteen or so minutes of your precious...

  • Typecast

    Image Credit ; EnglishMum (these are NOT the guilty macarons) 1 row of macarons to sit forlornly in a badly framed Instagram picture. 2 blog posts with opposing points of view, shared to Twitter by fiercely loyal friends. 48 people to tweet similar experiences from both side of the fence and explain how a situation could have been handed differently. 1 Twitter hashtag that goes viral. For no...