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  • Typecast

    ... I had a proper lie-in ... household chores were done without someone having to be reminded or asked ... someone gave me a hug, just because ... I hit my sales target at work ... I wore high heels ... I organised myself to get everything done ... we had spare cash so we didn't have to think about what we were spending ... I had someone to call a 'best friend' ... drank a whole brew whilst it...

  • Typecast

    Today's Soundtrack To My Life comes from Annwen. Her blog is one that I have followed for a while and whilst she enjoys writing about style and travel she also incorporates family, fun, style, health, travel and life in general. In this choice of tracks, she's introduced me to a couple I haven't heard of before and a couple that I haven't heard for a while. A great mix. For now, over to Annwen...

  • Typecast

    I'm very much a ''throw it all in and hope for the best" type of cook. I sort of follow recipes but always experiment and attempt to try out adaptations. I recently had a whole load of vegetables that were about to become past their best and needed to use them up so I had a glance at a recipe online, took note of what I had, threw it all in a pot and kept my fingers crossed. It was one of the...