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    The iPad mini and the new iPods are big news for Apple. Not because the products themselves are swish, but because they’ve been ushered into existence with the best ads that Apple’s managed to make for some years. Welcome back to the top tier of ad-making… Apple used to be brilliant at adverts. In the ...

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    The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is on sale in the UK today (November 17th) through Phones4u, and headed to all the major networks shortly. Happy customers have already been leaving stores clutching the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset, wide smiles etched into their faces. But are they right to be happy, or have they set themselves ... Related posts: Samsung Galaxy Nexus: First Android Ice Cream...

  • Electricpig.co.uk

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 will be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the company’s UK arm has confirmed this week via Twitter. While it should come as no surprise – even six months on, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still just about the most powerful phone on the market, and to ignore it would be ... Related posts: Samsung Galaxy Nexus: First Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone UK bound HTC Ice Cream...


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