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  • Cornflower

    "... one of the most characteristic and compelling features of [Tolkien's] books is their ability to evoke a palpable sense of untold stories and unexplored vistas, of landscapes glimpsed at the edges of other foregrounded pictures, that are at once suggestive, enticing and unbreachably distant: we desire to go there (to hear the story), and at the same time know it is, for now, unbearably beyond...

  • Cornflower

    I'm sure we can all relate to this New Yorker cover - the reading part, if not the winter sports ... Anyway, snug here in my warm house I can contemplate some wintery fiction, and a recent arrival would seem to fit the bill: Wolf Winter by Cecilia Ekbäck is set in Swedish Lapland in 1717. "There, a group of settlers from across Scandinavia, all with reasons to escape the past, have come to forge...

  • Cornflower

    That break in transmission was unintended - I've been laid low with a lurgy (debilitating but not remotely serious) and am just getting back to normal now. Emails were beyond me when I was ill, so apologies to anyone who is waiting to hear from me as I work through the backlog. As for reading, I'm scarcely any further on with either book than when I last posted so I've nothing much to report on...