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  • Cornflower

    I've read three novels over the last week, all good, all to be recommended, all much enjoyed. Despite their finer points, however, one is overwrought, another is over-long, and both those two address the issues at their hearts uncomfortably earnestly and with an ill-fitting 21st. century sensibility, reflecting on their period characters a contemporary outlook rather than views in keeping with...

  • Cornflower

    "As long ago as 1924, Vita had recorded simple everyday occurrences guaranteed to make her happy: 'walking on crisp snow; running a stick along railings; stamping on a nut; stripping the shell from a hard-boiled egg; writing with the really ideal nib*; plunging into the sudden comfort of warm water on a cold night'. Each inspired a sensation she labelled 'through leaves' on the analogy of the...

  • Cornflower

    If you had to plot a person on a map of character, so to speak - i.e. mark their position on a chart of temperament, foibles, predilections, and so on, you could do worse than define them with reference to their taste in books. I came to this conclusion the other day when I was reading Cynthia Harnett's The Wool-Pack which is set mostly in the Cotswold village of Burford, a place I know slightly,...