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  • Cornflower

    "One day, when [Mrs. Blore] had some rubbish to burn, she gave me an old copy of Waverley that was pretty badly torn and falling out of its cover, so that I could get the fire going. I had read a chapter or two of it already, in one of the little books that [the schoolmaster] used to give out on a Friday afternoon, and I was passionate for the rest. You don't use gold mines to light fires with. I...

  • Cornflower

    The Dig by John Preston is good - very much worth a read if you are interested in archaelogy or enjoy novels such as J.L. Carr's A Month in the Country. It's about the excavation at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk in 1939 which resulted in one of the most significant discoveries of Anglo-Saxon artefacts ever made, but told from the viewpoints of several of those involved in the dig, this multi-faceted...

  • Cornflower

    "Autumnal! I had never heard the word before. It had a good sound, a golden sound, a sound of colour, and ripeness, and the maturity of things. Autumnal! I said it over to myself a time or two, and wondered if there was anybody I dared try it on, and decided there was not. [...] I was in half a mind to risk it on Father, he liked coloured words, too, but if they were to take his fancy they had to...