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Playing with cool gadgets in the ongoing search for the Coolest Gadget

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  • Coolest Gadgets

    Gigabyte has just introduced the new P55K gaming laptop recently, where it will not only deliver a dynamic design that is pleasing to the eyes, you will also be able to get your gaming kicks in thanks to the speedy GTX 965M graphics card – talk about being able to enjoy top line performance without having to break the bank! The 15.6” P55K from Gigabyte also racks up as monstrous ...

    1 hour ago
  • Coolest Gadgets

    While we have seen our fair share of crossbows, or at least crossbows that do not fire deadly arrows in the direction of the target, there is always room for one more. In fact, it would be one of the more famous crossbows in the history of TV series, and we are referring to Daryl’s Crossbow from the Walking Dead series. Sure, Halloween might still be some ways off, but ...

    23/05/2015 - 19:14
  • Coolest Gadgets

    So, you happen to have a great love for baking, and would be more than willing to put your hand onto the plough, so to speak, in the kitchen every weekend in order to try out whatever new recipe there is. Well, if you would like to up the ante and bring your baking experience to a whole new level, perhaps there is a tool out there that might just ...

    23/05/2015 - 18:12