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Playing with cool gadgets in the ongoing search for the Coolest Gadget

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  • Coolest Gadgets

    Being in space certainly sounds like a very cool idea, that is for sure. However, it does take a very special kind of person to qualify for being an astronaut – one needs to be extremely fit, not to mention have the mental strength and calmness of mind and body to be able to make the long trip to and fro, in addition to sharing such a cramped living space ...

    4 hours ago
  • Coolest Gadgets

    Do you like to go retro when it comes to the world of gadgets, just like you do where fashion is concerned? If you have answered in the affirmative, then it would bode you well to check out the $319.99 Impossible SX-70 Folding Black Sonar Camera. This is a refurbished SX-70 Black Sonar camera, where it will come with manual focus (take that, all of those who want nothing but ...

    5 hours ago
  • Coolest Gadgets

    If you’ve ever tried to sew, do handyman work, or tinker on pretty much anything, there are going to be some metal bits and bobs you’ll need to keep track of. Whether it’s needles, screws, bobby pins, washers, or some other tiny piece, they are integral to keeping everything together. However, until they are in place it’s hard to keep a handful of them on you while you’re working. Even ...