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Award winning parenting blog. Not only charting the highs of being a Mum but also talking about the lows. From tantrums, to starting school. From rows with your other half, to the never ending guilt. All covered with humour.

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  • brummymummyof2

    Over the past six months I have noticed a bit of a strange phenomenon I seem to have made it onto some sort of media list. Is it for the times I have chatted about PND and how I have helped women come to terms with that it's OK to feel sad and stressed sometimes ? No. Or perhaps the BBC are getting in touch with me about my plus size instagram posts and accepting ourselves the way we are . Nope.

  • brummymummyof2

    Recently my youngest has been hard work. And by hard work I mean REALLY HARD WORK . At four he seems to have taken the terrible twos to a whole new level. He has strength now and street smarts. He knows how to push my buttons and can manipulate the most simplest of situations. My daily norm seems to involve bribing, comprising and walking on egg shells. We do the naughty step, we do reward...

  • brummymummyof2

    New Year is a time where you start to think about a new you. You've spent the whole of December eating mince pies for breakfast (or was that just me?) and you want to start off 2017 looking all snazzy. But then you remember that you have no money left and pay day? Seems an eternity away. Last year I worked with Boots Natural Collection on a post about an easy day to night look for the festive...