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  • Bleeding Cool

    Greetings from the coal face of the direct comics market. Where retailers try to increase their orders of certain comics ahead of sale. Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And... Read more » IVX, Reborn, Paper Girls, Thanos, Harbinger And He-Man Top...

    40 minutes ago
  • Bleeding Cool

    I’ve slowly been picking away at Overwatch competitve mode in Season 2. I really do think it is the comprehensive mode in the game and it’s where I spend the bulk of my time. It seems the second season’s days are finally numbered though. Blizzard have announced that Overwatch Season 2 will end November 24,... Read more » Overwatch Season 2 End Date And Season 3 Start Date Announced

    56 minutes ago
  • Bleeding Cool

    The CompleX is the theory that Marvel Comics is deliberately not pushing or promoting the X-Men line, as the movie/TV and related licensing rights are controlled by Fox Studios, and Marvel Comics isn’t interested in giving that any push. This exhibits itself in a reduction in X-Men comics being published and their prominence in promotion... Read more » Do Funko X-Men Figures Signal The End Of The...

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