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    By Jermaine M. Boyd It’s time for a new heroine, a new story to not just inspire new struggling young women writers but all young writers to believe they can do impossible things. This is the main goal of my Kickstarter. The birth of crowd funding has helped bring to life so many inspirational works... Read more » It’s Time For A New Heroine – Amelia Sky

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  • Bleeding Cool

    Oh Crash. Lost somewhere in the vaults of Activision, it had been thought that a reunion with Sony would be pretty difficult. He has been making a lot of noise recently though. From Sony exec’s wearing shirts with him on, to PlayStation twitter accounts tweeting about him, these are always telltale signs that something is... Read more » Toy Manufacturer Says Sony Is Bringing Crash Bandicoot Back

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  • Bleeding Cool

    As we get ready for the second part of Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon’s first trip to Earth-2, executive producers Todd Helbing and Aaron Helbing take a look inside the episode Escape From Earth-2. It seems that it’s the Earth-2 Barry Allen that has to step up to be a hero here. The Flash airs... Read more » A Hero Is More Than Just Super Speed – Inside The Flash Episode Escape From Earth-2

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