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The Ramblings of Paul Steele and Friends

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  • Bald Hiker

    The traditional Thai long tail boat moored up on the beach and the captain beckoned us to climb aboard. Wading out through the warm sea, I did my best to hold my camera bag high above the water. We were embarking on an adventure to see the island jewel ‘Koh Hong’. And then we were... Read more »

  • Bald Hiker

    Sponsored article Britain is certainly a nation of animal lovers! And most certainly a land of dog lovers. As I hike and travel around the country with Bea, as I did previously with Monty and Jasmine, I certainly see many people taking their dogs away with them. I am noticing it more and more. If I... Read more »

  • Bald Hiker

    Daffodils herald the Spring and these days Rapeseed the promise of Summer. But this is a fairly recent addition to the English countryside isn’t it; pretty much non existent 10 years ago? In my book it is a welcome one from an aesthetic viewpoint, with great swathes of gold brightening up even the dullest of... Read more »