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    I once had an argument with a secondary school teacher about children and social media. She was unequivocal: children of any age have no place in social media. It’s too dangerous, they’re too young to understand it, and costly mistakes are inevitable. I disagreed. Social media, and an online life are such enormous parts of... Read More » The post Safer Internet Day: Should children have social...

    09/02/2016 - 06:47
  • Actually Mummy...

    Image courtesy of Shutterstock. You know when people joke about how, when you have a baby, you’re not going to get much sleep? You’ll be up all night, they say, and you laugh. Then your newborn arrives, and you realise it’s true. You never knew you could survive on so little sleep. You’re amazing.... Read More » The post Up All Night appeared first on Actually Mummy... .

  • Actually Mummy...

    A heart-stopping view from Tower Bridge When you step on the walkway of Tower Bridge, you might wonder what’s in store. It’s a bridge, admittedly a pretty cool, rather iconic bridge, but still, it’s just a bridge, right? We had travelled into London for a rare family day out (rare because it’s unusual to find all... Read More » The post Travel: The View from Tower Bridge London appeared first on...