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  • Winstonsdad's Blog

    Slow homecoming by Peter Handke Austrian fiction Original title – Langsame Heimkehr Translator – Ralph Manheim Source – Library book I was so surprised when I looked back and saw I hadn’t review a single novel by Peter Handke in the time I have been running the blog, although he was a writer i read a […]

    08/02/2016 - 11:43
  • Winstonsdad's Blog

    well guardian has love letter to libraries on the website today. for me a a reader and a blogger wth out my local library I would be a poorer reader. To Brim Library Not cute or big but a 100 paces from my door You too this reader A 100 miles and more in the […]

  • Winstonsdad's Blog

    I haven’t ever thought about moving the blog forward more just blogged week to week and slowly the blog grew. I tried different things some worked others didn’t over time. But the blog has got to the stage and as a fellow blogger noted the other day about seven year which is the age of […]