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Transition Culture

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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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  • Transition Culture

    By Deborah Rim Moiso : Sometime in April 2016, an article in Spanish appeared on the Transition Network’s blog , recounting Juan del Rio’s adventures touring South American initiatives and promoting his book. Today I’d like to ask: how did that feel, all those foreign words on a familiar website? For those who understand Spanish, for those who don’t. For those who, like me, sort-of-do. Was it...

  • Transition Culture

    A guest blog from Carol Low : It was Spring. A Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn (TT K2K) open meeting. Someone my age (early 70s) proposed story circles with older members of the community to discuss how life was lived locally in earlier times. The initial focus was going to be on food. Over time, this idea grew into a broader oral history project and then a 3 month exhibition . The exploration...

  • Transition Culture

    When you ring Pocheco, a company that makes 2 billion envelopes a year in their factory close to Lille in France, the holding message describes Pocheco as "the first ecolonomic factory in the world". If you ordered a copy of '21 Stories of Transition' from us, you will have received it in a Pocheco envelope. They are also one of the stars of the film ' Demain ' (see clip below). When I spoke to...