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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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    Amid all the mayhem and turmoil of recent weeks, here's a news story you may have missed. The Romanian parliament unanimously passed an amendment to the country's "Law on the Sale of Food Products" bill which states that every large supermarket in the country must ensure that 51% of the fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, dairy products and baked goods they stock are "locally sourced". As a...

  • Transition Culture

    Today we are going to share with you a great exercise that was created for the 2015 Transition Network Conference at Seale Hayne in Devon. On the second day we did a big Open Space event, which was introduced by Maggie Seeley from Transition Alberquerque in New Mexico. Rather than the standard way of explaining Open Space, which you may well have done, Maggie and a group of Transition Trainers...

  • Transition Culture

    In February 2003, in Dublin, I marched against the impending Iraq War alongside 100,000 other people. Similar protests took place around the world that day, including around a million people marching in London. Today, 13 years, and 250,000 violent deaths later, with millions of people displaced, we now have official recognition of what those of us who marched knew all along, that we were right.