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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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  • Transition Culture

    It's now 17 months since Transition Culture moved from its home at to its new place on this website. We have introduced a number of changes, in particular the monthly themes, the monthly Transitioner's Digest and the bigger editorial 'think piece' at the start of each month. As we reach the end of 2014, we'd like to hear how you are finding it, what you like, what you...

  • Transition Culture

    Reading a Naomi Klein book is always a deeply absorbing experience. In a sense, the sheer size of them means you have no choice other than to be absorbed ( This Changes Everything runs to almost 600 pages). Her two previous masterworks, No Logo and The Shock Doctrine were mind-altering and life-changing for me. This Changes Everything is Klein’s climate change book. It is a powerful, deeply felt,...

  • Transition Culture

    You may have noticed that it is the 11th, and we still haven't started a new theme yet, as has been our pattern for the past couple of years. October, for me, involved a huge amount of travel and time on trains. I went to St Andrews for the Transition Roadshow there, to Paris for a couple of days , to the New Forest and to Bologna in Italy . Dashing here there and everywhere means that a lot of...