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Transition Culture

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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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  • Transition Culture

    It’s an all too common experience to plough on with doing Transition, from activity to activity, without pausing to reflect on or celebrate what we’ve achieved. It was delightful therefore to visit the New Forest this week, both to give a talk but also to see their ‘Live and Unleashed! New Forest Transition’ exhibition at the New Forest Centre. New Forest Transition began in 2008, and has been...

  • Transition Culture

    Instead of running an annual conference in 2014, Transition Network is running four Roadshows around the U K. The pilot took place in Lancaster in July , and St. Andrews in Scotland hosted the first Roadshow proper. The St Andrews event was hosted by Transition University of St. Andrews, who have been doing amazing work both within and beyond the University. It was a great occasion, and in this...

  • Transition Culture

    Chepstow is a small Welsh town with a population of about 12,000. It is a border town located on the River Wye where it flows into the Severn Estuary. Although it does have some local industries it is now mainly a commuter town with motorway access to Bristol, Newport and Cardiff. Many people will know Chepstow for it’s impressive Castle and nearby racecourse. Chepstow is located within the...