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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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  • Transition Culture

    Today we launch our new theme of 'Fairness' with an editorial from Sophy Banks: We picked a big topic for this month’s theme – to run alongside the build up and aftermath of the 2015 Transition Conference. Fairness. Exploring this leads pretty quickly to some other major themes – inclusion, justice, power to name a few. Here are some thoughts on how these show up – or don’t – in Transition. Do...

    01/09/2015 - 14:48
  • Transition Culture

    While my garden has often played host to dear friends or visitors, I can think of very few visitors who were so unexpected, and who brought my family to a respectful and awe-filled silence, as a recent visit by a Hummingbird hawk-moth. No I hadn't heard of them either. In 'Feral' , George Monbiot writes beautifully of those moments when nature unexpectedly takes your breath away, brings wonder...

  • Transition Culture

    Academic work on Transition can often be infuriating rather than illuminating. I was once asked to peer review a paper on Transition, a movement I was central in kickstarting and shaping, but I had to decline on the grounds that the paper was utterly incomprehensible. While some research is excellent, and offers useful insights and meaningful data, there is also much that leaves me cold, or...