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Transition Culture

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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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    One Minute Review: Happier People, Healthier Planet by Teresa Belton. Reviewed by Jesús Martín. Published last September , this is a book which deeply touches its reader, not only from a mental perspective also but from an emotional and active one. This is probably a book that doesn’t need to be advertised, word of mouth marketing will work for sure. The subtitle “ how putting wellbeing first...

  • Transition Culture

    Dear Auntie, please help. I love doing Transition, and I love the projects our group is doing, but I can't bear our Core Group meetings. They are lacklustre, tedious and I feel myself losing the will to live in them. I would love to be able to take some suggestions to our next meeting for making them lively, enjoyable and something I look forward to. Any tips?" J.L. Reading your question I wonder...

  • Transition Culture

    Heather Ackroyd (HA) and Dan Harvey (DH) work together as Ackroyd and Harvey. Sculpture, photography, architecture, ecology and biology are some of the disciplines that intersect in their work, revealing an intrinsic bias towards process and event. For over 25 years their work has been exhibited in contemporary art galleries, museums and public spaces worldwide. They are also one of the...