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Transition Culture

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An evolving exploration into the head, heart and hands of energy descent.

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  • Transition Culture

    From July to September we will be highlighting content and key themes for this year’s Transition Network International Conference . This first piece looks at the growth of community energy in the UK with our own Naresh Giangrande and Chris Rowland of OVESCO who will be presenting at the Conference. There ’ s a Quiet Energy Revolution going on The DECC (UK Department of Energy and Climate Change)

  • Transition Culture

    Food is an issue that galvanizes so many Transition communities, but many of the classic Transition activities around food, like Landshare and Abundance projects, are to some extent ways of making the best of the ever-shrinking space available for ecological growing. Nothing wrong with that, but it meant I was rather excited when – via a post on the Transition Network site in 2011 – I discovered...