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    If you’re too old-school to dial your friends using the number pad on your fancy smartphone, you might want to check out this awesome rotary phone turned cell phone. Messing around with an old rotary phone mechanism from years ago, YouTuber Mr. Volt built the ‘Rotary Cell Phone’ – a mobile rotary station that actually works without the need to hook it up to a landline. Mr. Volt’s prototype is...

    59 minutes ago
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    Google has released a slew of tools that designers and developers can use to build app interfaces. While they appear to be tied to the company’s Material Design language, which it launched in 2014, it looks like you’ll be able to use them regardless of what design principles you choose to follow. Gallery lets you upload, share and comment on designs. It offers version control as well as a way to...

    1 hour ago
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    Christianity is pretty big — around 2.2 billion people consider themselves devoted followers of the church. But watch out, there’s a new religion in town. As discovered by @kuwaddo on Twitter, Google Trends is now showing that there have been more searches for the keyword ‘memes’ than ‘Jesus’. After a long stretch of Jesus being more popular in searches, the tide finally turned between August 21...

    2 hours ago