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    The UK’s railway system is terrible. It’s expensive, slow, and services are frequently delayed or canceled. It’s one step above the humble horse-and-cart, but like… Barely. Just barely. It’s always annoying to be stood in a dilapidated train station (most of them are glorified sheds, really) waiting for a train that’s delayed by twenty minutes. But that doesn’t show you the whole picture of how...

    1 hour ago
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    Three years ago, Menash Michael stepped out of his Tel Aviv home to walk his dog. By the time he reached his driveway, he was lying unconscious on the ground. He’d fainted. Fortunately, his tumble was spotted by a next-door neighbor who called for an ambulance, and he was rushed to the nearest hospital. Menash is a type 1 diabetic (previously known as juvenile), meaning his pancreas doesn’t work...

    2 hours ago
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    One of the best parts of living in New York City during the holidays is experiencing all of the holiday decorations (if you can make your way around the crowds of tourists, that is). But now you can experience some of the cities best decorations all the way from your home using Google’s new Window Wonderland website. The virtual tour allows you to visit 18 holiday setups in NYC, including...

    3 hours ago