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    The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to propose a $1.7 billion plan to offer subsidized broadband internet access to low-income families. The New York Times reports that FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler will outline the plan today. It involves making changes to Lifeline, a 30-year-old government program which helps poor Americans pay their phone bills. According to senior officials,...

    52 minutes ago
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    The day has finally arrived for Pixelmator fans who have long looked forward to an iPhone version of the app. It is finally here. While Pixelmator wisely decided to tackle an iPad app for its first foray into the mobile space, there was plenty of clamor for an iPhone version — not surprisingly. Pixelmator’s new iPhone app comes complete with photo, drawing and painting tools in addition to...

    1 hour ago
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    Lenovo has announced a host of new products, the most interesting – besides its crazy new projector phone – is the Lenovo Cast, which will mirror your Android device’s screen on your TV. The puck-shaped device looks like an unholy cross between Apple TV and a Chromecast. It hooks up to your telly via HDMI. Rather than using proprietary tech like the Chromecast, Lenovo Cast relies on the Wi-Fi...

    2 hours ago