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    It’s that time of year again – awards season is here! Today we will be talking about the Hugo Awards! The Hugo Awards are among the most prestigious under the SFF umbrella, and each year the winners are announced at the World Science Fiction Convention (aka WorldCon). Worldcon 2015 or Sasquan, will take place in […] Related posts: Hugo Award Nominees: 2013 Edition Hugo Award Nominees: The 2014...

    29/01/2015 - 06:16
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    Old School Wednesdays is a weekly Book Smuggler feature. We came up with the idea towards the end of 2012, when both Ana and Thea were feeling exhausted from the never-ending inundation of New and Shiny (and often over-hyped) books. What better way to snap out of a reading fugue than to take a mini-vacation […] Related posts: Old School Wednesdays Readalong: Archer’s Goon by Diana Wynne Jones Old...

  • The Book Smugglers

    Hello everyone! For this edition of From the Page to the Screen, we will discuss All You Need is Kill / Edge of Tomorrow. The official timeline: 2004: the book, All You Need is Kill, a Japanese science fiction light novel written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka with illustrations by Yoshitoshi ABe is first published in Japan […] Related posts: Old School Wednesdays Joint Review: Dreamhunter / Dreamquake by...