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  • sturdyblog

    * What a headache, I said You brought a glass of olive oil A pack of gum And kissed my forehead The soul urges action The head forgets method ** Some nights the quiet is too loud the wine not quick enough the smile skin-deep I feign participation Tomorrow will be better I tell myself […]

    27/01/2015 - 17:26
  • sturdyblog

    A few very quick words on this, as I have had this conversation many times and it seems sensible to pin it down. Do not expect subtlety – this isn’t an essay. Hysteria over a Greek default, restructuring, haircut – whatever you want to call it – is in part manufactured and in part stoked […]

    27/01/2015 - 15:24
  • sturdyblog

    Here are some scattered and very preliminary observations on what looks, from exit polls, will be a very convincing victory by Syriza (which may or may not fall just short of an absolute majority). Obviously, not all of this (or any of it) is universally applicable. 1. The centre-left vote turned out to be very […]