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  • sturdyblog

    For days now, I have been reading piece after piece about this guy’s shirt. The latest from a magazine called “The Verge” has annoyed me immensely. [No, I will not link.] All it says to me is: we shall gloss over the instant and apparently earnest apology, because we had already written 400 words and […]

  • sturdyblog

    We’re all xenophobes; hardwired to fear the “other”, the “different”. Some understand this and engage their brain to fight instinct with reason. Some deny it, dress it up with pretty little bows and call it something else. I’m tired of bows. I’m tired of those too lazy or too frightened or too rigid to engage […]

  • sturdyblog

    I want to put something short in plain English, so that every time some troll with “the genocide of the whites” in their biog or a St George’s flag over-laced with some islamophobic logo as an avi rants at me, I can simply say: “here you go” before I block the bejeezus out of them. While […]