My Tiny Plot

My Tiny Plot

My Tiny Plot

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A blog about growing your own veg

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  • My Tiny Plot

    Crouching in the garden the other week (as you do) I glanced over to see a tiny blade of what looked like grass poking up. Then I noticed another and another and before I knew it I was at the perfect angle to see the lovely emerging Crocus carpet that had snuck up on me […]

  • My Tiny Plot

    I wasn’t into gardening when I was a kid. Not many of us were. From when I was born to when I was about 13 we lived in a terraced (or row) house with no garden at all. The back yard was concrete, the front ‘garden’ had flagstones on it. My Dad, in an attempt […]

  • My Tiny Plot

    I actually quite like January. It’s one of those fresh and bright months full of potential. I already put all the Christmas decorations away and it feels good to start the new month with everything back in its place and looking newly dusted. It’s the same in the garden. All the leafy messiness of Autumn […]