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Lizzy's Literary Life

Lizzy's Literary Life

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Celebrating the pleasures of a 21st century bookworm

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  • Lizzy's Literary Life

    The first quarter of 2015 is almost over and the campaign to remove 500 books from my premises (without adding another 500) is ongoing. So far this year I have donated 106 books to the library and sold a further 18. Incoming: 25 review copies. Purchases? Therein lies a tale … Participation in Eva’s #tbr20 […]

    5 hours ago
  • Lizzy's Literary Life

    I decided long before I opened the first page of Ishiguro’s latest, that I would not be reviewing it. The blogosphere will be awash with reviews I decided. Instead would tweet my reactions and then consolidate the tweets to tell the story. Let us begin …. And there you have it. An experiment that didn’t […]

  • Lizzy's Literary Life

    Let’s start with a confession. I wasn’t a fan of Brecht when I was studying for my German degree and never in a million years thought I would revisit. Well, it’s only been 35 years and the impetus was the recent production at the Lyceum in Edinburgh. I started going to the theatre regularly […]