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Lizzy's Literary Life

Lizzy's Literary Life

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Celebrating the pleasures of a 21st century bookworm

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  • Lizzy's Literary Life

    Winner of the Austrian Alpha Literature Prize 2012 Translated from German by Sheila Dickie Taguchi Hiro is a 20-year old hikikomori – a young man who has not ventured from his bedroom for two years. He has not spoken to his parents, having shut himself off from all human contact. Ohara Tetsu is a middle-aged employee, […]

  • Lizzy's Literary Life

    Ever bought a book for its cover? Would you have bought this one? When I spotted this gloriously garish dustcover on the shelves of a dilapidated, dusty charity shop in Dunoon, it promised old-fashioned frights aplenty. And now, some eight years later, thanks to the TBR Triple Dog Dare, and the fact that I’m on […]

  • Lizzy's Literary Life

    How long have I wanted to read this book? From the minute Thomas reviewed it during German Literature Month 2014. I got really excited when Mel reviewed the English translation by Carol Brown Janeway during German Literature Month 2015. I think that makes it Lizzy’s most anticipated release of 2016. Thankfully with a January release […]