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News, archives and discussion on the class struggle. For human beings, not human resources.

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    th.jpg The first part of a speech given at the Howard Zinn Bookfair in 2014 on Take Back the Land, Occupy Our Home, and burgeoning housing movements after the financial crisis. read more


    WPintroPic.jpg Online archive of Workers’ Playtime , a more-or-less regular class struggle-oriented journal produced between Feb ’83 and May ’85. We welcome abusive and hostile correspondence, unsuitable articles and boring cartoons. However we will tolerate excellence. Our address is on the back cover. read more


    Bay Area infrastructure.jpg On 14 March 2015, two dozen rank-and-file railroad workers, as well as nine refinery workers who had recently been on strike, gathered in Richmond, California for a conference with the purpose of building bridges with ecologists, especially given the recent spate of oil train derailments and explosions. Irregular schedules and work fatigue not only affects me, but hits...