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News, archives and discussion on the class struggle. For human beings, not human resources.

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    mapping1.jpg Contribution to the debate about social/transnational strikes and the question of demands We can imagine a wave of struggles against zero-hours contracts or against minimum wages. People are pissed off everywhere, we feel it every day. What people don't lack are some lefties who are demanding £10 per hour. read more


    sidandclara.jpg A short autobiography of Sidney Solomon long-time anarchist and painter who lived in New York. Member of Vanguard Group, the New Trends Group and the Libertarian Book Club read more


    15pol1f0-sciopero-sociale-foto-cristini82.jpg Connessioni Precarie discuss how, if we are to genuinely oppose austerity in Europe, then we must begin to build towards a transnational strike. read more