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News, archives and discussion on the class struggle. For human beings, not human resources.

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    imgp3062.jpg Study of the 1969 uprising in the Argentine city of Cordoba, known as the Cordobazo , which saw students and workers rise up against the military dictatorship of General Juan Carlos Onganía with a series of strikes and urban riots. read more


    whih0002r.jpg An attempt at an explanation for the long absence of the Withered Aristocracy blog. ...solidarity is the gallows humor when you're digging with spade shovels in boot-high muck while 25 feet down in a trench while the temperature is hovering just above zero and you have to laugh together so you don't scream alone. Max Schwarz read more


    labor shortage and layoffs.jpg Chinese worker activists have been documenting and analyzing the situation and struggles of factory workers in the Pearlriverdelta in South China over the past few years. Since 2012 they have been publishing reports the magazine "Factory Stories" (工厂龙门阵 gongchang longmenzhen). The central goals of this publication are to develop a thorough understanding of the...