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    LBC have posted a mini version of all my election predictions HERE

    9 hours ago
  • Dale & Co.

    I’m not really sure how any politician can introduce plain paper packaging on cigarette packets and still maintain with a straight face that they are Conservatives. What’s next? Plain packaging on cans of lager? Mars Bars? Packets of crisps? It’s the nanny state writ large. If cigarettes are so terrible then ban them altogether. That’s the only logical thing to do. * Five years ago Greece was at...

  • Dale & Co.

    So the European Central Bank has injected one trillion euros into the Eurozone economies, despite the articles of the Eurozone expressly forbidding it. I imagine this was at the insistence of the Germans originally. Needless to say the ECB has found a way around this, as is the wont of Eurocrats. George Osborne today said that the Eurozone was following the lead of the British economy (£375...