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  • Dale & Co.

    “You may have seen I’ve signed a deal with Hodder. Hope all well.” That was a text message I received from Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s former Director of Communications, earlier this week. I hadn’t actually seen that news, so it came as a bit of a surprise to say the least. Two or three weeks ago I had texted Craig to ask if he was thinking of writing a book and we subsequently met for an hour...

    29/07/2016 - 13:06
  • Dale & Co.

    Guest Post by my American friend Daniel Forrester First, you sent me Sarah Palin. Then, you created a process and vetted a bench of candidates that led to Donald Trump as the nominee. I have had enough. I am out. After a lifetime spent supporting the Republican party and the ideas it once stood for, I have checked the box on the Election Commission form in my home state of New Jersey that reads:...

  • Dale & Co.

    Imagine you are a member of a private WhatsApp group of friends. One day one of your friends sends a picture of an extreme pornographic act – let’s say fisting. You send a reply making a jokey remark about it but think little more about it. Some months later your phone is seized by the Police as part of a criminal investigation concerning your workplace. Nothing comes of it, but while they’ve got...