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  • Dale & Co.

    Since the election I’ve always felt a bit sorry for the LibDems. They didn’t actually deserve to lose 49 of their MPs, to only be left with eight. OK, I did take a little vicarious pleasure in the electoral demise of one or two of their number, I admit. However, I do think a third (or in their case fourth) party is necessary in our political system. They performed a role, which whatever its...

  • Dale & Co.

    I’ve spent this week at the Edinburgh Festival. Last year virtually everything I saw was a comedy or had some political tinge to it. Several of my friends said I should spread my wings this year and go to some plays too. So I booked to see the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ ! Oh dear. A truly dreadful experience. Rather better was a one-off performance by David Benson reprising his Kenneth Williams one...

  • Dale & Co.

    I’ve always thought all months should be like August. Most political journalists take the whole month off and politicians are largely absent from Westminster. And yet somehow the country manages to struggle on. Indeed, it struggles on very nicely thank you. It’s a bit like the time recently when Belgium had nine months without a government. The economy thrived and all was well in the world. *...